Register with an NHS GP in Stafford

Find an NHS GP in Stafford

Stafford is home to many exceptional GP practices. This guide aims to make your search for a GP in Stafford straightforward and stress-free.

Stafford Town Centre GP Practices

Finding an NHS GP in the heart of Stafford is now easier than ever. There are 6 GP practices within 3 miles of Stafford Town Centre that are currently accepting new patients. They are dedicated to providing excellent care and are ready to welcome you as a new patient.

Stafford GPAddressPhone
Castlefields SurgeryCastle Way, Newport Road, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 1BS01785223012
Wolverhampton Road SurgeryWolverhampton Road, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST17 4BS01785258161
Stafford Health and WellbeingWhitgreave Court, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 3EB01785 258249
HolmcroftHolmcroft Road, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 1JG01785242172
Rising BrookThe Health Centre, Merrey Road, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST17 9LY01785251134
Weeping Cross Health CentreBodmin Avenue, Weeping Cross, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST17 0EG01785662505

Tips for Choosing a GP in Stafford

Selecting the right NHS GP in Stafford is an important decision that affects your access to care. Stafford's NHS GP practices are committed to providing quality care, but finding the one that suits your individual needs requires some consideration.

Location Convenience

Search for a GP in Stafford close to your home or workplace. A conveniently located GP practice reduces your travel time.

Ability to Register

Find a GP in Stafford that currently accept new patients. NHS services are in high demand - not all GPs accept new patients.

Range of Services

Explore what services are offered, such as mental health support. The right GP in Stafford will cater to your specific health needs.

Out Of Hours Care

Review the opening times for your preferred GP in Stafford and understand how the practice handles out of hours care.

Read Patient Reviews

Read reviews for Stafford GPs. Personal experiences provide valuable insights into the level of care you can expect.


If you need wheelchair access or other accommodations, ensure you register with a Stafford doctors surgery that provides this.

Register with a GP in Stafford FAQs

Registering with a GP in Stafford is a smooth and straightforward experience when you know what to expect. Don't hesitate to contact your chosen practice for any specific questions or concerns.

Registration Process

How do I register with a GP in Stafford?
To register with an NHS GP in Stafford, simply choose a practice that is accepting new patients and complete their registration form. Some practices may offer online registration as well.
Can I register with any GP practice in Stafford?
You can generally register with any NHS GP practice in Stafford that has an open list, but some may only register residents in their catchment area. It's wise to check with the practice first.
What documents do I need to register with a GP in Stafford?
Some practices in Stafford may require documentation in order to register, such as proof of identity (passport or driving licence) and proof of address (utility bill or rental agreement).
Can I change my GP practice in Stafford?
Yes, you can change your NHS GP practice in Stafford at any time. You'll need to register with a new GP in Stafford, and they will handle transferring your medical records.
Is there a fee to register with an NHS GP in Stafford?
No, registering with an NHS GP in Stafford is free. NHS services are publicly funded, and there are no costs for registering with a GP.
What if I'm a student or temporary resident in Stafford?
Students and temporary residents are eligible to register with an NHS GP in Stafford.
How long does it take to register with a GP in Stafford?
The registration process with an NHS GP in Stafford is usually quick but can vary by practice. Once your registration is accepted, it may take a couple of weeks for your medical records to be transferred if you are changing practices.
Can I register with more than one GP in Stafford?
No, you can only be registered with one NHS GP practice in Stafford at a time. If you wish to change practices, you'll need to de-register from your current practice and register with the new one.

Stafford NHS Services

What services can I expect from an NHS GP in Stafford?
An NHS GP in Stafford provides general medical care, including check-ups, prescriptions, vaccinations, referrals to specialists, and more. For a detailed list of services, visit the NHS website.
How does the NHS work in the UK?
The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK provides healthcare services free at the point of use for residents. It's funded through taxation and includes GP practices, hospitals, dental care, and other services.
Are there online services available for NHS GP practices in Stafford?
Many NHS GP practices in Stafford offer online services such as appointment booking, prescription requests, and access to medical records. Check with your chosen practice for information on online services.

Changing Your Stafford GP

How do I choose the right GP practice in Stafford?
Consider factors like location, availability, services offered, reviews, and accessibility when choosing a GP practice in Stafford.
What if I'm moving to Stafford from another part of the UK?
If you're moving to Stafford and need to register with a new GP, the process is similar to registering for the first time. Choose a practice that's accepting new patients and complete the registration forms.

Complaints and Feedback

How do I complain about an NHS GP service in Stafford?
If you have concerns or complaints about an NHS GP service in Stafford, you can speak directly with the practice or follow the NHS complaints procedure.